tragicsunshine I feel like my cat is living on borrowed time. He chewed through the wires on my brand new industrial scale WHILE IT WAS PLUGGED IN. He does things that nearly get him killed every day. 3y
  •   keithknittel Perpetual 9 lives 3y
  •   jonadrewesjr Ditto 3y
  •   paul_third What number are you on now? 3y
  •   micspecial your cat is walter white. 3y
  •   eyecanbomb I can solder that shit if you need. 3y
  •   comixguru cats. nature's daredevils. 3y
  •   tragicsunshine @eyecanbomb Thanks man. I got it covered. Electrical tape and the cars's nail clippers work great as wire strippers. How are you? Ryan and I were talking about you. He told me about when you went to SD for a burrito. 3y

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