herthirdeye What can I say.. Santorini is an amazing and unique place  2y
  •   dinka_99 Beautiful view! Ev Shat sirun nkar! 2y
  •   snugglebunny_no1 on my list of places to see 2y
  •   tinaarutyunyan Mari, this is so incredibly beautiful. Yerani kezzzZzz. 2y
  •   herthirdeye @tina_arutyunyan this doesn't do it justice.. It's stunning!! Even the boys were mesmerized... You must see this place.. 2y
  •   sweetseraphim3 I haven't seen the whole world but of all I've seen thus far, Santorini is my all time favorite place. It stole a piece of my heart. There is a restaurant named Nikki's I recommend you try. It's close to where you took the pic. Have the tomato balls. Spectacular! 2y
  •   herthirdeye @sweetseraphim3 I know exactly what you mean and thanks.. Hope to try that place  2y
  •   herthirdeye @hipdevice thanks  2y
  •   thanosd79    2y

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