glennbeck Happy Birthday Tania! 2y
  •   robertjlindsay Tania look hot,happy birthday sexy. 2y
  •   betsyyoung19 Happy birthday Tania!! Btw, I reported the troll also!! "It" must have been abused early on!! Poor "thing"!! Pathetic creature! 2y
  •   jamescharlesiii @betsyyoung19 the troll is still here. Nope, no abuse here. 2y
  •   amahoney81 I'd rather be a right wing nut than a liberal with no nuts, like yourself. Did you cry yourself to sleep last night little man? 2y
  •   chic_cutlet Good to be GB! 2y
  •   dlfexp Happy Birthday Tania 2y
  •   chelsi1231 @jamescharlesiii anyone who has to state he is a millionaire is obviously not. I would just like to say your come backs and statements are amazing! You could probably out wit any immature middle schooler. Anyone who has to use such foul nasty language is typically trying to compensate for lack of intelligence. It's sad how obsessed you are w Glenn. But it just goes to show that the things he does and says needle at you in some way. 2y
  •   korpit Great couple- thanks for being Glen's rock! 1y

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