•   niggasinparishilton *that essentially help cultivate what mass media see on tv and idolize,whether it's your music videos, your daringly confident aesthetic or simply your phenomenally eccentric creativity- whilst crime, hard drug using/pushing, tricking etc. is so. nauseatingly rampant within our demographic. 3y
  •   niggasinparishilton **MASS MAJORITY. #iphones aren't so smart AFTER ALL 3y
  •   _shrzn love this:) 3y
  •   minalo Are you coming to Paris fashion week?!?! 3y
  •   niggasinparishilton long story short vash, keep doing big things. yeeeah Nas told us the world was ours but i gotta see it to believe it aaaand you showed it, slayed it, and paved it.(the road for young women like me who needed to know that was plausible for us) 3y
  •   kngraph U a rich nigga 3y
  •   j_allure <3 3y
  •   iamjaddda Can I kindly have a email for inquires ? 3y

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