craola This is how it starts #stophauntingme 2y
  •   nsagrer2 Amazing 2y
  •   elmeromer0 I see a dragon mr @craola 2y
  •   bakurki It should def be a giraffe... 2y
  •   chinesecheckerschamp Haha that's cool. I always sketch the best when I'm bored and supposed to be focusing on something else. 2y
  •   shychii777 Dragon fly 2y
  •   noon2midnight Dontcha love it when something only makes sense to you??? 2y
  •   irvgotti24 Its the empire state building!! 2y
  •   sycodad It's a goblin holding a snail. Craola gets down. I want to get hi strawberry octopus tattooed on me 2y

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