cameronmstewart The tools, for those asking. @copicmarker 2y
  •   alansilveyra @cameronmstewart Just question. Do they work with drawing outlines made with Indian ink? Are they like watercolor? I ask that because Tombow smudges the lines and mess up everything. Maybe they have solvent on them. Thanks. 2y
  •   thesonar1 Luv it! 2y
  •   janbiel Check out the huge stationary shop on Moritzplatz if you haven't already! Nice sketchbooks and all kind of pens etc. 2y
  •   eleuthro @alansilveyra I'm 99.9% that they work with India ink. :) 2y
  •   alansilveyra @superevvvvvvv that's great! Thank you. How about Prismacolor? 2y
  •   eleuthro @alansilveyra No problem! They're both alcohol based so if one works, the other brand should too! I use Prismas with microns if that helps :) if you let the ink dry for a few minutes it doesn't smudge 2y
  •   alansilveyra @superevvvvvvv nice. What paper brand and model would you recommend to use with India ink (using crow quill dip pen) and watercolor? 2y
  •   eleuthro @alansilveyra To be honest, I don't work with water color very often so I don't know. Im only an amateur artist haha :) Strathmore is usually a good brand though! 2y

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