joshjohnson Hey it's @kevinkuster posting. Today is a freestyle day. Tag #JJ_forum_0405. I hope you all took some time today to really look at all the wonderful images our #jj members submitted. If you didn't, take 15 minutes and view as many as you can before you call it a night.
I would like to feature the following photographers.
Starting on top: @onefelldowntherabbithole, @thedecisivemoment, Bottom: @her_bliss, @kels_dav

Wonderful images each one of you! Thanks for making our community such a great place for photographers to share their talents everyday. Please visit all of their feeds and give them some IG love and followers.

Thanks to editor @jj_editor_alli_james, for bringing these images to our attention.
  •   hahelal Looks like you r #pink #floyd fan 2y
  •   kimmygibbler @jj_editor_alli_james Love this! You always have amazing picks :) 2y
  •   purplelove05 Oh wow!!! Congrats Anita @her_bliss I bet you're happy 2y
  •   thedecisivemoment @westatom awww thanks very much Tom!! Haha yes I will tell Z - he's been a bit reluctant recently so maybe this will inspire him! 2y
  •   love_and_life_images @her_bliss well done Anita!!! This is such an awesome image!!! 2y
  •   kels_dav @windnwillows my apologies if I am misunderstanding but I cannot help but to be a little offenses by your comment. I cannot speak for the other artists featured here but this photo of mine is most certainly not a "random snapshot." I put a lot of time and thought into shooting and editing to achieve this final result, and I'm willing to bet the other artists did as well. Just saying, I don't think you have a very good attitude if you'd like to be featured by anyone. It's hard to appreciate the work of someone who so blatantly disregards your own. 2y
  •   onefelldowntherabbithole @windnwillows, if you want to get featured you need to work hard. I worked my butt off everyday editing pictures, pushing myself to be better. I tagged my pictures everyday for over a year to get featured. Don't complain, use it as motivation. 2y
  •   onefelldowntherabbithole @kels_dav I completely agree, well said. 2y

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