videodays Stereo Skateboards Jason Lee and Carl Shipman. Think both were done by Christian Cooper around 1995. Stereo is all I rode for about 3 years in the mid 90s. Some of my favorite deck graphics came out on that company during those years. Think I had ever Carl Shipman deck and most Ethan Fowlers. @stereoskateboards #videodays #skateboarding #skateboard #skatelife 3y
  •   dirtyeyez @videodays I have the original ink for the Carl shipman deck if you're interested in a trade... Side note the ship graphic was originally a Jason lee then changed to shipman 2y
  •   videodays @dirtyeyez Woza. What do you have in mind for a trade? Very much open to it, Carl was one of my faves on the streets of SF in the mid 90s. Thanks! 2y
  •   dirtyeyez @videodays hit me up at, hopefully we can work a trade out 2y

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