drama I'm gonna miss u my friend. U changed a families life today. God speed. 3y
  •   justinfahey Yes I have an office where I do business in downtown Dallas but I travel for the most part don't see a jet anywhere in your pics my man. I'm good @fisch09 3y
  •   fisch09 Could have one but dont need a jet. I dont flaunt. Thats y all my toys arnt on ther people that dnt kno me dnt need to no what I have. I do have a hovercraft tho and a boat with two 920hp outboards on it . Thats just 2 of my toys. Congrats on ur success BUD at 25 I'm only 24 and very successful @justinfahey 3y
  •   fisch09 Also 3y
  •   fisch09 Lol funny. Deff don't live with my mother and u have no Idea what I have and who I am. I did grow up in a fortunate family, just didn't fuck up my opportunity. I work my ass of buddy. So u have no clue what ur talking about. My boat had 1860 hp was the fastest boat on the Chesapeake bay its sold now. Me and my brothers all have money we were raised to work hard and are all ballen so fuck u bud. 3y
  •   fisch09 @luckylibra77 and my brother has a small jet by the way 3y

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