cdgrunewald Oh the depth // Romans 11 3y
  •   lookbook_ea I was going to ask the same thing about the All Sons and Daughters EP. You're definitely qualified!! 3y
  •   lookbook_ea Ps that's my favorite Starbucks! Was a shock to learn that you live in Michigan!! 3y
  •   cdgrunewald @ea_photography the Dearborn Michigan avenue one? Every Thursday between 4ish-5:30 I'm pretty much there. Come say hey! 3y
  •   lookbook_ea Hmmm I'm going to have to take you up on that offer this coming Thursday! I'd also like to purchase a print as well.. Email for details? 3y
  •   cdgrunewald @ea_photography this Thursday I'll be in Atlanta so don't come this week, but yeah, my email is 3y
  •   jansontwerpfabriek Super! Nice picture, Nice verses 3y
  •   cdgrunewald @ea_photography today is a day that I'll be here at this Starbucks until about 5:30ish 3y
  •   avenoi.r @jieodude artform 1y

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