theodorekaye Striking government architecture in Astana, capital of Kazakstan. I find a lot of the Central Asian 'stans emulating this glass and steel aesthetic. If only they all had the natural resources to bankroll such grand ventures! 3y
  •   chris0007 Striking it is 3y
  •   kasi1ias Although you do have a point on money being spent on buildings rather than welfare @ninezero , Astana is not a case of North Korea that spends a good share of its GDP on building 'Potemkin villages' that no one lives in, on the 38th parallel, just to impress the South Korean tourists looking through the binocular, when its population is struggling to feed itself. Kazakhstan can afford a new capital, without hindering its public welfare expenditure. Astana is a case of 'nation-building project' that is designed to symbolise hope of a brighter future for Kazakhs as an independent state, given our colonial past. I do acknowledge that some of its architecture is rather distasteful to a spoiled western eye, that wants to see 'authentic culture' of aboriginal people living in huts and maintaining a 'sustainable' way of life. Believe me, most people that do live that way in some parts of the world, do so out of poverty, and not out of care for environment or in a protest to western ideology of consumerism. For kazakhs, Astana is a vision of hope, that one day all of its cities will look like it. But, yes I do share your concern on building palaces and grand buildings when some people struggle to get employed, and Kazakhstan should be careful with its spending in building a new capital. @tuz109 3y
  •   nampix Subtle ;) 3y
  •   gaborkukucska I really enjoy most of the docos on journeymanpictures and i recently saw this one about Kazakhstan: 3y
  •   photograph_er_er @kasi1ias - Your reply was very interesting, thanks 3y
  •   kimnoce Such futuristic buildings! Human nature has strange dreams sometimes! 3y
  •   zarina_z Big, shiny, *must impress*. Next time you're in Tashkent, compare the road from the airport to the center of the city/president's house to roads...everywhere else in the city 3y
  •   juergenbuergin Cool and weird! 3y

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