elsiemarley this is why I prefer Japanese patterns. 2y
  •   laurahoj Turn under 1/4 inch on top so raw edge will be finished. Then fold the top of the pocket that will be the facing to the right side of the fabric. It will be flipped to the correct side after stitching is done. Then stitch along the seamline on all three sides (not the top edge that you folded). Then you have the stitching to show you where to turn seam allowance under. Flip the folded top edge (facing) to the wrong side of the fabric/pocket- clipping those upper corners if necessary. Then fold the seam allowances toward the wrong side of the fabric and press. Slip stitch facing down. Does that make sense? 2y
  •   kootoyoo Did you get help? I think you're just supposed to make a "pouch". 2y
  •   kootoyoo Ha - just re read. I got it wrong. It is actually just as it reads. Go slow & follow the pics & imagine the arrows. Sorry meg. 2y
  •   sascharomeo That's funny. I had to read it three times and I'm not even sure I get it. 2y
  •   hazelnuts That is always a tricky one, it seems counter-intuitive to turn it outside like that. I know what they're asking you to do because I've done it several times on hems where they meet the front facings on buttoning shirts. It might help to find a YouTube video, if you haven't sorted it already, seeing it done live would probably help heaps. 2y
  •   elsiemarley @kootoyoo yeah, it's the word facing that's tripping me up. 2y
  •   laurahoj Just don't call it a facing. Just call it fabric turned under? 2y
  •   kootoyoo Ha yeah. Something like you'll have a nicely finished edge FACING you when you reach into your pocket for your handkerchief. I suggest you megify it. xx 2y

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