bshigeta leather @killspencer iPhone5 pouches. thanks spencer! 2y
  •   bshigeta @willnyc what's your email again? I can't find it on my phone. 2y
  •   willnyc 2y
  •   willnyc Browsing thru ur site now haha 2y
  •   bshigeta @willnyc haven't updated it much. It was originally set up for a scholarship I was traveling on. 2y
  •   bshigeta @willnyc sent. The iPad background isn't final. I still need to match the scale of the dots to the iPhone version. 2y
  •   willnyc Didn't get it .... Not in a rush just everytime I see ur phone I'm like damm that's a nice wallpaper haha 2y
  •   bshigeta @willnyc haha. Thanks. 2y
  •   willnyc Get my email or number from Joli 2y

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