tragicsunshine Just finished watching DREDD. So good and totally worth the 3D. Escape from New York meets Robocop 2 #everynowandthenhollywoodgetsitright 2y
  •   cestjoel Meets The Raid: Redemption?* it was a really good movie though. I need to see the 3D version though. 2y
  •   weinbeezy Is it called Dredd 3D because Dredd has 3 D's in it? 2y
  •   nikburman I way dug it. Proud of the hollyworld this round. 2y
  •   grat3ful It's a lot of 3D more than most movies that's why I assume its Dredd 3D.... Also at my movie theatre the only option was 3D 2y
  •   haunted_houses_ Dude, have you seen The Raid? 2y
  •   soyuhq That's the best review I've heard so far. 2y

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