nicolettemason Getting my BB knowledge on with @DrJartUS. Have you used BB creams? What do you think? 2y
  •   dhkr bb4eva 2y
  •   chubbybadass i used to, that exact brand too. but then i switched to mineral powder and have never looked back. (i enjoy feeling like i'm not wearing anything but looking sweet.) :) 2y
  •   dearjonesey I'm partial to the Missha that came in this month's Glossybox, might like it even better than Boscia and Skin79! I love a dewy finish, though. 2y
  •   miss_kayce since i use a very very full coverage foundation, i find mixing that with a thick moisturizer is just as good (if not better) than any bb cream i've tried. i still get max coverage, but it doesn't LOOK like max coverage. never tried dr. jart tho. 2y
  •   nicolettemason @birchdelight do you mean eastern? Dr Jart is a Korean brand and formula 2y
  •   sohee_moon I think the BB cream was created by dermatologist to help the patient to heal the scar while covering it like a foundation. So the first intention was for medical purpose and then it became super popular in Korea because the cosmetic effect that you can get. Some user may have a break out because her skin reacts to the medical ingredient on the BB... 2y
  •   knpaiz My M BB makes me feel like a geisha at first, but sets well after settling it with a loose powder. It's light and non-greasy. So far so good, but I feel like I have to wear it longer to see any effects on the face. :) 2y

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