instagramfitness Got hops?! You should. Let's heat it up #Miami style with Jump Training by @fikkyfik, and his trainer brother @bfitbyj! So I never thought I'd be attempting Pike Jumps in the gym but so glad I added them to my routine, especially on #LegDay and HIIT cardio days. #Plyometric jumping helps improve coordination, conditioning and explosiveness in performing exercises. And what I love most is you can adapt jumping to meet YOUR fitness levels ( but people who are fairly new to fitness or are momentarily significantly overweight should wait to perform these). Start with Tuck Jumps. HOW TO: (1) Stand upright, squat down and explode up and perform a "tuck," bringing your knees to your chest. (2) Land softly on your toes and absorb the impact using your quads. Try 4 sets of 15 - 20 jumps. Brutal after a leg workout but amazing pump you'll want to capture in the mirror (don't act like you don't take mirror shots at the gym!). For #beastmode status, try these Pike Jumps like @fikkyfik and @bfitbyj. Picture perfect. Yikes! 09.26.12 #motivation 3y

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