•   erick_garr Have those wheels 3y
  •   ben_vanwilpe Just bought those wheel ands they have a huge chip out of them in the first two hrs @boneswheels 3y
  •   ericshively @benvanwilpe are you trying to get free wheels or something because only soft wheels like atf's, OJs, and other cruiser wheels chip. I've never heard of anyone chipping stfs and especially not in the first hours 3y
  •   ben_vanwilpe @ericshively nah, it's prolly not a chip like your thinking, it's acting as a flat spot when you ride, but a piece of the wheel actually broke off, my Boardshop said they can't do anything about it an to me it just sucks cuz I pay 35 for wheels and they fucked up possibly off a defect or something but its like I don't have money, it's hard for me to even get a deck when needs be 3y
  •   benbarkerrr I recently purchased bones wheels and i did i flat ground ollie and all of the wheels broke. Give me new ones. @benvanwilpe 3y
  •   kongatthegates STF for Life! 3y
  •   strictlykush Lol stfs dont break dummy :) nore chip lol u obviosly dont no how to skate 3y
  •   like_a_boss226 Thats a realy good pair 3y

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