ampt AMPt Street by Sam Smotherman (@whittiersam)

I've dabbled with photography for years and it has finally caught up with me - I'm an addict. I've been involved with mobile photography since my Treo days before the iPhone but I was still a recreational user back then and had it under control. It wasn't until I bought the first gen iPhone when things started getting out of hand. It was interfering with my walks as I would have to stop to take pictures of street art or interesting textures or maybe a funny shadow. But when I got the iPhone 4 things went from bad to worse. Not only would it interfere with walks but now I was going out to take pictures for hours at a time- looking for them, waiting for the perfect picture moment appear. I made the transition from taking pictures of nature and objects to taking pictures of people (and not just of my kids crying but complete strangers). I'm not embarrassed by this as I walk about with my camera in hand looking for that next picture. I'm not only an addict but a huge supporter and advocate of mobile photography - I want others to do it too. So with the help of Renzo @aliveinnyc we created The 24 Hour Project to document the human aspect of multiple cities in 24 Hours. "On March 24th, 60+ Street Photographers in 35+ Cities and 5 Continents shared their city's story, which you can see at . Photography, and especially mobile photography is a journey I am happy and excited to be on. Being selected as part of AMPt's project is a huge privilege and I'm humbled to be apart of it. Thank you all.
  •   repinsk @whittiersam this is brilliant 4y
  •   whittiersam @repinsk thank you very much!¡! 4y
  •   reece_74 Very interesting! I am captivated with this whole concept!-) 4y
  •   leethatch Amazing shot @whittiersam I'm not surprised in the least the the AMPt guys came to you for the project, your work is exceptional and inspiring to new mobile photographers such as myself. 4y

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