dangshades @brodiemitchell colorway coming this fall. #harshzeachtodang collab! #dangshades 2y
  •   sajdera29 How can I get hooked up with these bad Larry's @dangshades 2y
  •   dangshades They won't be out for another month @sajdera29 but fat-trax and theory will have them available ASAP! 2y
  •   sajdera29 Nice @dangshades 2y
  •   dangshades Shipped them today @mitchellrwilliams thanks much appreciated!! 2y
  •   ashleylikedonuts @dangshades your dude at the Big E sold me the purple pair with the blue lenses! Talked about my trip out there in march with @mitchellrwilliams said he was goin back in a couple weeks I told him to say wattup for me! Any idea what his name was? I was too stoked on my new purchase that I forgot to ask! 2y
  •   dangshades Hmm maybe Dan the owner of @theoryholyoke ?? But thanks much appreciated!! 2y
  •   ashleylikedonuts I saw that guy at one of the Theory tents! I bought from the other tent though-- dude said he was headed out to Utah in a couple weeks and would be seeing you, @benbogart and all those cats.. I don't know if that helps but no worries! I told him to mention my name when he got out there to see if you guys remembered me hahha thanks for helping and for making my favorite brand of shades on the planet! 2y

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