twwly The ear:rabbit ratio is truly astounding. 3y
  •   yelenajoelle Bah!!! 3y
  •   kekelyn I've owned some Flemish giants. Now there's some HUGE ears 3y
  •   herbp say what? 3y
  •   mayesfuntime Cute!! Are these eating bunnies? 3y
  •   twwly @mayesfuntime Yes, for the Brasserie. :) 3y
  •   twwly @mayesfuntime BTW, you're welcome out here any time if you want to come and scratch heads, or let your doggy off leash, or just have a cup of tea while watching sheep eat grass. Hehe. 3y
  •   mayesfuntime I have never tried... Perhaps trying your at the Brasserie would e a good first ;) I would love to scratch heads and drink tea! Your farm looks just lovely I do enjoy looking your pictures and reading your post :) @twwly 3y

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