beachmama I love the sunrise! Snapped this as we were jumping in the car to take kiddos to bus stop :) happy Wednesday to all!! #sunrise #love #hawaii #hawaiilife #hove 2y
  •   beachmama @bderby thanks! Nope not today! Car running not so good... but we sooo want to get those veggies from ya!! 2y
  •   danu727 Wish I saw that every morning! Jealous!!! 2y
  •   beachmama @mermaidmath move here!!! ;) lol @bspurling yes I did!! My kids r going to the same school I went to with a lot of the same teachers too!! Spooky! Lol I'm a realtor and am happy to help u when u r ready!! Life's short, live where happy!!! 2y
  •   beachmama @danu727 come visit!!! I can't believe trey n I have been together for 15 years and I still haven't met you or your mom and dad and aunt Kim and her family!!!!! Crazy!! 2y
  •   brookespurling Wow!! I sure will when we ever take that step!! Do you work all the islands?? Is that a weird question??!! 2y
  •   beachmama @bspurling lol nope not a weird question at all!! Yes, I work all the islands :) I'm licensed for em all :) 2y
  •   danu727 One day it will happen! Hawaii is on the bucket list! 2y
  •   bellafortunato Ahhhhhh home :) xoxo 2y

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