foxandbeau I want to get one of these little fellas! Can anyone tell me what type of dog it is and where I can get one from in Sydney? #dog #puppy #WhiteDog 2y
  •   littlepaperlane he looks like a jack russel cross sausage dog haha 2y
  •   custommadeuk It's a jack russel. They are the best! 2y
  •   foxandbeau @custommadeuk @littlepaperlane A white one? I usually see them with brown. But I just want this one! White and short pudgy legs! 2y
  •   custommadeuk @foxandbeau most are white some have little patches. Very cocky adorable little dogs. My friend has one 2y
  •   foxandbeau @custommadeuk Definitely going to get one!! 2y
  •   dropkickjaxx I have a white Jack Russel, white with one tan ear! I grew up with Jacks and they're my absolute favourite little dog, perfect cheeky companion 2y

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