maggiewhitley I read off the list of pregnancy symptoms now that I'm nearing 5 months and Zack felt bad... and offered to rub my legs. Win! ;D 2y
  •   jessjudkins Burt's bees has some amazing leg lotion for pregnant women :) 2y
  •   sunnysprinkle Milk it for all it's worth!!! 2y
  •   kristanlynn He'll be doing that nightly once the 3rd trimester hits and that restless leg syndrome kicks in. ;) 2y
  •   mrsrhodes Hot & cold rub works for my rls and I have it allll pregnancy 2y
  •   aprilhas6kids :))I need my feet rubbed at night to cool them down or it is soooo hard to fall asleep. 2y
  •   libbyuglesich Ohhhh that's so sweet! My husband just says that's too bad... But he does help with Zane a ton & does all the cooking. 2y
  •   maggiewhitley @kristanlynn I have that now!!! lol 2y
  •   kristanlynn @gussysews oh no! Poor thing. I got it early with both boys too and it's horrible now! 2y

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