•   1dmyass Next time you insult directioners, use wit not cussing and death threats. Lets try and stay classy 3y
  •   im_not_dan_barrett @1dmyass So no cunt calling? 3y
  •   1dmyass Sadly yes, because it gives em leverage against me. Btw believe in random posted a photo about you.... 3y
  •   im_not_dan_barrett @1dmyass Ok, thanks. But now I need to rethink my battle plan (which won't take long cuz directioners are retarded XD) 3y
  •   1dmyass Thx. 3y
  •   1dmyass Yeah. The language and such makes us not look classy. Use large vocabulary words and intelligence and wit to outsmart them. That makes us look smart and classy. 3y
  •   im_not_dan_barrett @1dmyass Ok, I'll also be sure to become a creepy philosopher in my arguments as well. 3y
  •   1dmyass3y

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