jeremyriad Day 18! Persil, my differently abled continues to defy the odds. She isn't walking as well, but she's become very picky. We put her on her "favorite" orange zinnia with a little sugar water, and you can see her going to town. Can't tell which is her tongue? Count down from the top-most black line: 1. Antenna, 2. Leg, 3. Tongue! #persilgram 2y
  •   jeremyriad ^ I left out the word #butterfly above (naturally). 2y
  •   crazylikeafox11 Persil is an old lady. It's so kind of you to help her cross the perilous flowers. 2y
  •   laradann I can't believe she's still alive! 2y
  •   jeremyriad @laradann Every day is an adventure for sure. We're really amazed she's still around. 2y

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