amyrebeccawilde Sammy and I are in training for the great outdoors. I want my little man to be prepared for when the big day comes. He can climb his way down from the counter, crawl up a scratching post, and navigate a room like no other. Since he passed his test, I think the best way to get him ready for his release is to slowly reintroduce him back to the spot where I found him. I'll try and take him for a few minutes every day. He's still eating like a champ. I've offered him a variety of what the squirrel guru I spoke to recommended. He's not keen on me feeding him, he'd rather grab his food and eat it himself, which is great! He likes all of the fruits, nuts, and veggies I've offered him, but bananas are by far his favorite. He still needs a lot of warmth. I have a heating pad, but I don't want to cook him. So I wear a hoodie and let him sleep in my sleeve. It's pretty much the most adorable thing ever. Go Sammy! Go! 3y
  •   artesuxx I wish all squirrels can be like this. 3y
  •   actionhuerkamp So CUTE!!! 3y
  •   amyrebeccawilde @beberastaa He wasn't a pet. He was a baby that fell out of a tree. I only had him for a few days until I found a wildlife rehabber to take him in. He was re-released into the wild back in December :) 3y
  •   amyrebeccawilde @beberastaa Unless they're domesticated, you can't really pet them. They're incredibly fast and agile, plus they might bite. It's better for them to be distanced from humans so they can survive in the wild without depending on us as a food source. That's why I gave him to a rescue group. I wanted to keep him SOOO badly, but it was best to let him learn how to be a wild squirrel. 3y
  •   alienguy321 3y
  •   iitzjenn Wow....all this hard work is wonderful! How does he even let you hold him is my question lol I would think he'll run away. The bath for rI'd of his fleas? Does he run aroundeverywhere ?:) 3y
  •   amyrebeccawilde @jleezyy2 I only had Sammy for three days. I found him a wildlife rehabber who took him in and he was re-released back in December along with his new squirrel friends. :) 3y

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