tragicsunshine Waiting in the dentists' office. My new watch that I got in the mail today is lame for two reasons: I can't figure it out (no instructions) and it's already broken as in the diodes don't light up. So much for hitting the clubs tonight. 3y
  •   tfagaly Who makes this watch?? It's a shame it doesn't work but I can see why you bought it. It looks amazing to me! 3y
  •   tragicsunshine @chkl Thanks. I get how to read it, I just don't know how to set the correct time. Not that it matters, I'm returning it. 3y
  •   photobuffalo Did you check the batteries? I bet it needs batteries. 3y
  •   tragicsunshine @horridtruth I still want my money back. I just got the watch today and it worked for an hour. 3y
  •   photobuffalo Maybe it worked for longer than that.. its hard to tell if your watch is broken. 3y
  •   bossnotboss Did you try banging it against the cement? If so, and it still doesn't work, you're probably reading it wrong. 3y

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