irreg #damn, where am I supposed to put my potbellied pig now? 2y
  •   asltiffm Lol how weird!! 2y
  •   lhuynh03 Haha 2y
  •   mary_eff lol where is this!! 2y
  •   avaceratops Is this up on 23rd? 2y
  •   irreg this is all the way up on the fence at a school in northgate where I'm staying right now. crazy, cause there are absolutely no farms nearby. this sign must be decades old... @mary_eff @aviaticsquad 2y
  •   irreg I'm not staying at the school--- the school is near my place lol 2y
  •   taraljohnst Haha my girlfriend posted a picture of the same sign but it was on a wall of the school her kids go to in northgate. 2y
  •   irreg @taraljohnst maybe it's the same school! up near Wallingford and 92nd ish? 2y

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