•   inesl @mesteruno ill being him to Brooklyn, pay adoption fee and food? Lol 2y
  •   mesteruno You're coming to bk with...I would love to meet him @inesl 2y
  •   inesl @mesteruno lol no I'm saying if you adopt him. We will be in Hoboken Saturday, hope on the PATH and cross the river to meet him 2y
  •   check_mate00 Simply gorgeous 2y
  •   skylerandsabrina @inesl yes, the caption was amazing! But I tried picturing this photo with that caption and it just didn't work the same way ... :) 2y
  •   ink_addicted I have a phobia of dogs but this dog is a beaut! 2y
  •   inesl @k9_matt they look sooooo much alike here 2y

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