vegnews Oh, hello new #vegan chocolate! We're so intrigued by the Moroccan Spice flavor! 3y
  •   bitterpurl Would love to try! Is it soy free? 3y
  •   peace__karma Where can I get this?? 3y
  •   the_wild_flower Oh wow 3y
  •   hoodbunny @shemsss thinking of u. Lol 3y
  •   shemsmiri @hoodbunny lollll yummy!!! Gotta get me some for sure! 3y
  •   levkelman Hello Vegnewslovers! Brooklyn Dark chocolates will be available for shipping next week at For store locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan NYC visit out site. All flavors are Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free with Hemp seeds. Yes, Brooklyn Dark has soy lecithin but in very small quantities. Like us on FB and follow us for updates. Thanks a lot
    for your love 3y

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