lala Breakfast club this am w/@angelayee , @djenvy , @charlamagnethagod 3y
  •   utopia_is_love The breakfast club is always hot! :-) 3y
  •   freshlybakedapparel Da FAM !!! 3y
  •   1marabou Loved the interview...everyone have that one friend but loved how lala shut it down " we grown...i worry about what im doing that dont change a good friend" 3y
  •   500daysofsamar Loveeeee ur shoes 3y
  •   shannel1788 Cute 3y
  •   stellabellaa__ This interview was the best 3y
  •   savagesao @love2ne1 I know that and she's still talI they have heels on too 3y
  •   poppajoesgirl It is good to c poe n dice. No offense but we all love and adore you LaLa but poe and Dice nobody give them a proper acknowledgment 3y

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