ijustine Pretty excited to play some games on this beast :) it's also very pretty #originpc 2y
  •   shreywason loook at the wire management ! omg itsss so cleannn! i m gonna die of shame ! 2y
  •   hollypruett Agreed! It's super clean and the wires are all so organized! So jealous!!! 2y
  •   dimmyv Impressive! 2y
  •   aarobs corsair power supply (#corswag) 2y
  •   adamcwwfc Lmao MAC fags, will never be in the same class as a custom built gaming/editing rig. 2y
  •   kevind920 Purple PC to match the purple iPhone case! :) 2y
  •   toemash11 Wholly shinanagins that's an impressive computer 2y
  •   sirchadfurtado Sweet mother of god my dream pc :) 2y

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