pipcraighead Hey! Doodles Homme, a clothing line featuring my art, is officially arrived at Fred Segal in West Hollywood! www.DoodlesHomme.com
  •   buttonbox Agh!! So cool! And it's p 3y
  •   buttonbox that was supposed to say : 'and it's Paul!! Is there any chance at royalties for inspiration? Maybe just a free shirt?' 3y
  •   doownoel congrats pip 3y
  •   laserfield Are you serious!? Congrats! 3y
  •   sjcraighead So proud of you bro!!!!! Go doodles!!!!!!!!! 3y
  •   ohanniebeth Rad! 3y
  •   powersofjen congratulations! that's super cool!!! :-) 3y
  •   lacelit Fantastic. 3y

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