scotttowne I can't believe Kelly went to Spain and didn't tell anyone. 3y
  •   brianosborne Hahahahahahaha!!!! #hacked 3y
  •   joestakun Ha yeah this freaked me out 3y
  •   cottle01 I got the same email haha 3y
  •   ty_deschaine Sounds legit. 3y
  •   nolanw Send him some money ya cheap ass! Hahahaha sounds like a scam Robin got bamboozled into... 3y
  •   morganbmx @nolanw haha bobabooey 3y
  •   splitlanes she sounds nice. 3y
  •   mikeobryan16 This is so horribly written, especially knowing how Kelly talks "went to Spain for a program" haha! 3y

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