jacinfitzgerald I totally butchered poor Rhody's butt haircut. He is so embarrassed. Leaving it to te pros next time! 3y
  •   sallegrini Molly has that problem too! We call them "butt wings" ha! 3y
  •   shelikesruffles Oh no! Poor buddy. I've never trimmed Lucia's bottom: I call it her hula skirt! 3y
  •   paperdahlia Butt haircut... Hahahaha 3y
  •   christineferrie I wouldn't have known if you hadn't said anything... My Doberman has a dock'd tail too 3y
  •   jacinfitzgerald @shelikesruffles we used to call Rhody's butt Elvis but then we were having a situation during doody time if you know what I'm sayin 3y
  •   thejaseve I butcher my chihuahuas' butt haircut all the time. At least she doesn't look shaggy. 3y
  •   anneeagleegg We call them 'basketball shorts' 3y

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