easymoneysniper Swerving thru Beaverton 2y
  •   woldt20 You even have ur own golf cart, that's how you ball 7mon
  •   tobyrb777 That is so cool 6mon
  •   rickygill8 KD the best 5mon
  •   b_dog71 Ballet 5mon
  •   bubba2cold kd is the best in the nba 4mon
  •   almanereidaa I love you KD! You are truly my biggest inspiration & you have motivated me to keep going & to keep pushing myself in everything that I do! Even if it's just practice.... even though I'm a girl you have really inspired me KD! I'm one of your greatest fans & truly hope to get a follow back from you. You have also taught me that God will always be by out sides! & every day at basketball practice I tell myself "I need to work harder if I want to be like KD!" So thank you for everything KD! You are the man! Even though you probably won't read this! You're the best! -one of your greatest fans, Alma 4mon
  •   xxdarrion I won't grow up in be like u 3mon
  •   drumline_for_lsu I want to play for Oklahoma City 3mon

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