zerofriendsart Monday morning meeting with the Zerofriends crew 2y
  •   smurfsuicide Sausage fest 2012 2y
  •   bboyer86 Dude pull your pants up. 2y
  •   rat136 I didn't know that this ZF fantasy football league was getting this serious. 2y
  •   jordanetid I never got my invite 2y
  •   proak It's like am/pm in there. 2y
  •   whitjae I see DJS!!! 2y
  •   aironjay @tyler_j_wilson RIGHT?! First I was proud now Im like eat some more pepperoni yuh dingus 2y
  •   ianthehuman I like to look at Alex Parsee's ass. It's too fine. 2y

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