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How does @miraleo's picture make you feel? Maybe you're disgusted, scared, angry that I would make you look at something ugly? Have you made a deal with photography that you'll pay attention as long as it for the warm fuzzies? I'd encourage you to rethink that idea. It's up to you, but what would happen if, for a day, a week maybe, you let the ugly stuff in too. The ugly is there. We're never gonna escape it. In my experience the best we can do is not be afraid to sit with it. It's a lot less work. That's what I want in my life. I'm sick of running from the stuff that makes me uncomfortable. Sick if trying so hard to get away. I'm gonna try something different. Weird idea? Lets talk about it. Lear me a comment below. I'll try and explain more what I mean.
Everyday we get together and post our best images to a new #JJ forum gallery based on a theme. Our @JJ_editors browse that gallery through out the day and highlight their favorite shots. It's a great way to meet some of Instagram's most passionate photographers and to get your work seen.
Todays theme is inspired by a conversation I had recently about the role of the profile pic with @amberholritz. Today show us a "Self Portrait". Tag your images to the #jj and #jj_forum_0402 galleries. You know how we work around here guys. We're about connecting. Being authentic. Don't show us what you think we're looking for. Show us a piece of who you really are.
  •   dial88 Not so ugly, I get to initial interpretations... One that its almost zombie-esc, almost looks like the zombie/vampires from will smiths movie? And the second one is more sexual, forgive me if I'm speaking of a taboo subject but it looks like a pretty orgasmic release to me:) #beautiful 3y
  •   hipsta_m8rix @karibaskets Well said...I agree 3y
  •   cosmicsky7 @miraleo you have a lovely style and i admire your authenticity .. your gallery is gorgeous. @joshjohnson for me, this type of image by itself DOES bother me though. i don't run away from ugly .. but if my reality is already filled with harshness and ugliness of pain .. i don't need any reminders. seeing the pretty balances out the negative i face in my reality .. it's not me denying the real at all. i like that there is freedom of expression though .. but i agree with Osho who said art has 2 branches - just catharsis that dumps the negative energy out and then there is hurt already processed into meaningful life lessons/moments being put out for all to share the transformed hurt. It's important that the ugly dumping not be made public .. the negativity can spread like a virus. But the processed pain is what inspires us .. what touches our soul, moves the human story. I think this is a good guide to what 'ugly' really means .. processed pain is always, beautiful in its own right and will resonate beauty with someone out there. Peace 3y
  •   bikerbabestacey Very out there but cool 3y
  •   elooshka Wrath and solitude 3y
  •   wlad I knew Right now that you are coming to brazil!!! You are welcome ! 3y
  •   1cioccolata Wow...this popped right out@me! A little disturbing..and cool @ the same time~I love horror movies. 3y

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