photogrl13 Plasti dipped part of the bumper today. I like it! #priusc #habaneroorange #toyota #hatchback #hybrid 3y
  •   underteeth @photogrl13 I think the minor change makes a huge difference for me. 3y
  •   photogrl13 @underteeth I agree. Considering getting the actual trim piece that is offered in Japan to make the look permanent. Jdm is just so expensive. This cost $2. 3y
  •   underteeth @photogrl13 How long will it last? I really, really like it. 3y
  •   photogrl13 @underteeth A year, but then I can reapply if I want. Eventually I will get the jdm piece but it is like $400 right now lol. 3y

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