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Everyday we get together and post our best images to a new #JJ forum gallery based on a theme. Our @JJ_editors browse that gallery through out the day and highlight their favorite shots. It's a great way to meet some of Instagram's most passionate photographers and to get your work seen .

Todays theme is inspired by a conversation I had recently about the role of the profile pic with @amberholritz. Today show us a "Self Portrait". Tag your images to the #jj and #jj_forum_0402 galleries. You know how we work around here guys. We're about connecting. Being authentic. Don't show us what you think we're looking for. Show us a piece of who you really are.
  •   pixelautumn Stopped following you. 2y
  •   littlecoal Josh, Emily and Kevin- I thought that you would be proud to hear that I am officially in the "club". I picked up my first iPhone on Friday! I am now able to say I am an iphoneographer, although I'll always say, If it's always with you and document your world, then you're a mobile photographer. Thank you each for all you have done for this community. @joshjohnson @ohemg87 @kevinkuster 2y
  •   kevinkuster @littlecoal what's an iPhone? 😀 Welcome! 2y
  •   littlecoal @kevinkuster Well...let's see... It's a phone you can put apps on and, wait...that reminds me... I heard a story once about a few amazing people that were working incredibly hard to develop a new app that will be the next big thing in the JJ community. Anything you care to share, Kevin? Lol 2y
  •   ohemg87 @kevinkuster haha no pressure Kev ;) *backs away slowly...* @littlecoal high five dude! 2y
  •   littlecoal @ohemg87 *takes a slow bow and then "hits the rock" with Emily* 2y
  •   jessepf ha @littlecoal said "hits the rock" @ohemg87 you two are hilarious. 2y
  •   ohemg87 @littlecoal hahaha don't worry, it won't take long to out run him ;) haha jk @kevinkuster ;) 2y

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