•   gsantollo @beachmama when you did your sixty, how we're your last 25 days? 2y
  •   beachmama @gsantollo I was really ready to end at day 45. The last 15 were sheer will power and strength on my part! I had committed and being the loyal Virgo I am, I had to finish out! Lol so the last 15 days were harder mentally and my weightloss really slowed but was all good! Why?! Are you doing ok?! Lmk if u need anything! I'm here for you! U r kicking ass! I'm doing 30 days starting October 1st. :) I'm excited! 2y
  •   gsantollo @beachmama thank you. I'm doing well just beginning to look forward to eating again with my wife. I haven't been weighing myself so I have no gage of how fast or slow or how much I am losing. It is more about a mental cleanse for me, a spiritual purge! I am entering the test of will. Good luck on your 30 day have fun. 2y
  •   beachmama @gsantollo thank you! I know exactly what you're going thru! It's definitely a mental challenge from here on out! Listen to your body :) are you taking a B vitamin or a fiber? Just wondering :) all will power from here on out! :) u got this! 2y
  •   dojason Awesome 2y
  •   dacapman can we go already? 2y
  •   dacapman they call this surf spot mermaids. look how beautiful this is 2y
  •   beachmama @dacapman down halape!!! 2y

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