ampt Feature 500 submitted by Atle Rønningen @atler

This scene consists of two images. The main photo is taken at sunrise outside the door of our family cabin up in the Norwegian mountains one foggy morning at 7AM. The second image is my 9 years old daughter.

First of all. I'm an Androider. So most of the apps I see the inspiring artists around me are using is not available for me.

1. All photos taken with native camera on Samsung Galaxy S3.

2. Opened main image in PicSay Pro. Added my daughter from a other picture and used the "cut out" function. Saved.
3. Still in PicSay Pro. Contrast increased (+20), saturation decreased (-40) followed by smooth (1,00). Saved.

4. I wanted a darker atmosphere and applied the filter “Bob” in Pixlr-o-matic. Done

I'm 35, based in Oslo, Norway. Got a lovely wife and daughter. For me photography is all about having fun and capturing moments. I like having people (or animals) in them and my most featured model is of course my daughter. I got seriously into mobile photography 7-8 weeks ago caused by IG and my new Samsung. I nearly used my SLR this summer.
Feel free to ask questions and I also would love to connect with more Android users to share experience.

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