tonyhawk To commenters stating "he got old" in many of my posts: Yes, I was born, I have been aging ever since, and I will continue to do so. Hopefully you are lucky enough to live at least this long. Here is a picture of me 34 years ago from when I "got young." Now go forth and try to age gracefully; I'll be watching. 3y
  •   e_rod51360 By far the the best skater ever 3y
  •   yelramolf Déjà doué.... Toujours doué ! 3y
  •   b_rod_sk8 Dear Mr hawk your body may be old but your soul still young as if you took this pic yesterday ! You are the foundation of skateboarding we all know who Tony hawk is ,we might not know wen are time is up but you Mr . Hawk your legacy will always live and fly for ever till as long as skateboarding lives the hawk legacy will live with it ! Thank you Mr.hawk for making skateboarding what it is I don't know if you ever get a chance to read this but I just wanted to say a simple thank you .. Long live skateboarding and the hawk legacy a true warrior of the skate evolution thank you God bless you . @tonyhawk Brod 3y
  •   italianstreetstyle style! 3y
  •   jenisuis Word!! Shutting mouths! 3y
  •   bzwelch @tonyhawk I'm 33 and have been watching you sk8 since I was a kid. I can only hope to be as young as you are at heart when "I'm old"!!!! Sk8 or die!!! 3y
  •   arielcortez17 Skatee or die! !! Skate life 3y

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