jeremyriad Sorry for blurry pic, but had to share a photo of Ren & Persil. @medulao got her a lot of new flowers in her favorite color (orange). Ren by @bubiay helped relocate her to the new spot. This is Day 16. #persilgram 3y
  •   bubiay Wow persil grows a lot! Ren have to be careful to relocate her😀😬 3y
  •   yosiell Aww daffodil 3y
  •   crazylikeafox11 You should make a book about Persil. You can call it 'The Saga of Persil'. 3y
  •   jeremyriad @bubiay Ren was very sweet and careful with the butterfly! 3y
  •   jeremyriad @yosiell "Daffodil" says you should come back so she can walk on your arm. 3y
  •   jeremyriad @crazylikeafox11 maybe I'll make one of those Instagram books they're always advertising. I shall call it "Persil Perseveres" or "Persil in Paradise". 3y

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