warmonkey The final image for the DAMAGE single from PTSD 2y
  •   najmudeen @warmonkey quick ?...you did this track back in the late 90s with this kat from Conn I think. Your verse went something like 'Jesus Christ I am the Pharaoh, there is a fork in the road and I don't know which way to go' maybe not in the order. Anyway, been looking for that for years, do u remember the name of the artist and the track? :-) 2y
  •   sageomega @najmudeen it's called Metal Thangz 2y
  •   najmudeen @sageomega thanks dude!!! Much appreciated. 2y
  •   sageomega @najmudeen no problem 2y
  •   domiraestar I love this song! 1y
  •   lindsey_duz_it Pharoahe! I'm excited to watch you at the upcoming Rhymefest LA show this weekend! Will you be in town this Wednesday evening? I host a radio show on @TraklifeRadio and would love for you to drop in for a quick interview and to help promo PTSD ("Rapid Eye Movement" is dope, btw!) Please email me at lindsey@assemblemedianetwork.com or DM me if you're interested! Thank you so much for your consideration 8mon
  •   6lines Dope Track 8mon
  •   tiffanyarely5mon

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