richforever Membership has its privileges. #mmg 2y
  •   mrsstew_1 Relaxation it! 10mon
  •   h_ejaz So he is topless everywhere he goes and then puts on a T shirt at the beach 9mon
  •   shayejones__ He so big his shadow an ice cream cone 8mon
  •   rudedogg119 Just cooling, dats WATS up. 8mon
  •   408carlos408 @_joannuh_ Fuckn Ross wears no shirt everywhere he goes! Nd then he goes to the beach nd puts one on!! 7mon
  •   bee_1738 7mon
  •   beautifullcarmel He put a t on at da beach cuz da Sun don't play wtf get out his CHEST DOE .... 6mon
  •   kristin_carpenter24 @atoledo7 your the only thing missing from that picture 5mon

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