barackobama How @OFA_CO is marking 44 days to go. Are you ready? 2y
  •   nyanmudkip @dana.howell 3w
  •   mothurfisher Please for the love of GOD get me out of this country this makes me sick! Go ahead report my fucking page. I don't give a shit! The illuminati is evil and if you didn't know our country has a plan to enslave us.. It's a quote by one of the presidents (I'm to tired to remember) 10 days before he was assassinated.. Doesn't that say something? You do not have the right to take down flags from our veterans who fought in the war. Our flag represents FREEDOM. We are supposed to be a FREE country. The illuminati is a group of satanists... Our country is rotting.. I remember when I was little... A man told me... "The demons will come to kill us all" ... I guess he wasn't crazy after all... God save America. 3w
  •   epicomonster19 I'm cainadian buy because of u whenever I go to the states I always feel safe 2w
  •   evan_de_nutjob L 1w
  •   ridebmx123456 Legalize marijuana now please ever were 6d
  •   emiliano.spera_10 I got a free Iphone from @freeapplenow 3d
  •   evan_de_nutjob Last comment 2d

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