bonethrower Here is a portrait I made of James Baldwin years ago. Still one of my favorites. All made out of cut paper and a little pen shading. 2y
  •   nfpalmirotto @bonethrower Stop owning at life, or I quit. 2y
  •   dptatt_layer Just saw your show At ultra pop , pretty sure you're sub human haha , super rad man @bonethrower 2y
  •   addsteph Out of cut paper? Wow... Posting images just now of my sons paper people cutouts ... Will have to show him this! He spends hours everyday drawing and cutting out what he draws. He's 14 now and has been at it since he kindergarten. :) #iheartpaperart! 2y
  •   johnlestudio @bonethrower so rad my man 2y
  •   _____duke____ Very cool 2y
  •   housefirecollective Thought that was Henry Earl for sure 2y
  •   pinandhem Aww Iove James Baldwin. You should look up Cecil Brown's "Real-Life Midnight in Paris" story, about how he first met Baldwin. It's a great glimpse into Baldwin's personality. 2y

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