whoorl This is what my children do the minute we step into Barnes and Noble. My OCD/ organizational tendencies aren't rubbing off at all, I swear. 2y
  •   ellabean121 That is HYSTERICAL!!! btw....Ella opened my Instagram app and is screaming that she wants to find your daughter and your hubby!!! 2y
  •   tracyshutterbean Hahahaha! I love it. 2y
  •   samuraimom Oh, I feel so much better. My 2.5 year old insisted on lining up each avocado we put in her little cart at the grocery this afternoon. 2y
  •   whoorl @ellabean121 Hahaa, she's on the hunt! 2y
  •   karanoellawson Ninjago. Hot ticket item around here. 2y
  •   theheatherdusek Omg! Hahahaha! 2y

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