crtwotwo Finally getting a few minutes to sit down and set this thing up. Thanks @wmgastephen and staff #iphone5 2y
  •   brandt_boone28 Lucky 2y
  •   akasam629 Buy me 1 2y
  •   billywtrs U suck, lol! 2y
  •   cameronkessler108 @crtwotwo I was gonna get that one but then I decided to get the 4s 2y
  •   noahm013 Nice I phone 2y
  •   j_bacorn32 I have that same one! Lol! 2y
  •   samararod I the iPod 5 2y
  •   mikeycannon I got my iPhone 5 the first day of 2013, an otter box is a must have with these! (As with any other iPhone) it's saved my ass countless times. The life- proof cases are even better though. Water proof and whatnot. 2y

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